Texas IAF Fights to Restore Full Funding for Adult Career Education (ACE) & More

Over 200 leaders from organizations of the Network of Texas IAF convened at the Texas state capital to call on state legislators to restore full funding for the Texas Innovative Adult Career Education Fund (ACE Fund).  The delegation met with 20 legislators and staff asking them to support the ACE fund at its full $5 million and oppose anti-immigrant legislation.  Leaders additionally asked for local control covering issues as wide ranging as affordable housing and bail reform.

Texas IAF leaders additionally invited as guests of the legislature, as a resolution was read in support of the ACE fund by five Texas House members.  Later that day the Senate also read a resolution in support of the ACE fund.

At a press conference organized by the Texas IAF, legislators from across the state emerged from the Capitol to speak in support of the ACE fund.  Capital IDEA graduates from Houston and Texas, in addition to graduates from other IAF Labor market intermediaries told stories of how the workforce initiatives changed their lives, moving them from $10.00/hr part time work to careers earning as much as $70,000 per year!  The average wage of a graduate from these programs is $20.66/hr.